The Frugal Girl’s Plan for Prom: Cheap Prom Limos

The hype around prom is fanatical! Girls build up the idea of an impossibly fantastic evening where they magically become a Disney Princess, step into the Cheap Prom Limos in Maryland, and receive their happily-ever-after.

Come on, girls! Let’s take some gloss off our conceptions about prom and think realistically. Prom is the culmination of high school. It is a night to celebrate friendship and emerging adulthood.

So, let’s embrace adult thinking, mix it up with childlike creativity, have a blast at prom, and keep a little money in our pockets!

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Go Old School

Prom dresses come in so many different forms! Why not go vintage and find an impressive dress for a much lower cost? Vintage dresses probably haven’t been worn often, and you need it for one night only. Shoes are the same. It just makes more sense to buy your prom costume from a consignment seller. No one will know the difference, and you will respect yourself for your financial acumen.


Speaking of consignment, if you do choose to buy a new dress for prom, why keep it? Sell it on consignment or to a student from another school. You won’t gain what you spent, but you will be able to recoup a portion of your dressing expenses.

Go Crafty

Boutonnieres and corsages from flower shops can be costly. If you’re crafty, make your own. You can find tutorials online and make them for a fraction of their ready-made cost. You can use what you have saved to build up your fund for the party bus in Maryland that you would really like to use.

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Rethink Preparation 

I know you would love to have the Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman moment as you relish in having your nails, hair, and makeup done to perfection. Come back to reality for a minute, and consider the cost. One simple solution to save you and your girls a hefty chunk of change is simple: cooperation! Gather your girls and get ready as a group. Plan ahead and host a slumber party where you all decide on and perfect you and your friends’ looks. With the plethora of tutorials available online, you can easily learn to copy any trendy look that you like.

Group Date

Sticking with the group theme, why not go as a group to prom? You can all split the costs of a party bus in Maryland, while still enjoying the company of your friends. When we’re honest about the drinking that comes with prom, we will realize the safety in numbers and the wisdom of not driving.

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DIY Photography

With today’s camera phones, professional photography can really be a waste. Make sure that you enlist someone who really knows what they’re doing and that you pay attention to the background in the shots. A few backgrounds that work well would be in a garden, in front of the Cheap Prom Limos in Maryland, and a few at the event.

For those of us without a personal Daddy Warbucks, some common sense is appropriate. And plan for your prom with a budget in mind with our Cheap party bus rental near me As you hop on the party bus in DC, you will be proud of the choices you’ve made!

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