3 Amazing Ways to Train Your Dog For The Wedding Ring Delivery

Have you always dreamed of a wedding featuring your family pet as the ring bearer?

A dog can be a big part of your life, why not make the family member a big part of the wedding. The following tips and tricks can get your pet looking its best and delivering the ring without an issue.

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Practice with your dog regularly, the old saying “you can’t teach a dog new tricks” isn’t completely true. With regular practice and rewards your pet can learn if they are so willing. If a new bone doesn’t do the trick consider a party bus Denver dogs love. The point is to have fun and enjoy the experience, too much pressure on the pet and they may be reluctant to help.

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Try making a mock aisle for you and your dog to practice, set up some chairs and play the wedding music to him feel more comfortable. Guide your pet down the aisle with a treat and have him sit, remove the ring and reward the ring bearer.

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Imagine your hard work paying off as your little ring bearer hops out of the Denver wedding limousine and skips down the aisle ring in paw. It’s a fun thought but you will need to find a way to secure the ring to your friend so that is delivered without fault.


After the chairs are put away and the guests have left via Denver party bus rental. Take some handsome after wedding photos of your pet and your selves.

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