Creating the Story of Your Romance for Wedding Patrons to Enjoy

There is no doubt that the days leading up to your wedding could fill a book.

This wedding season give guests an inside look and history of the couple they have come to see married.

A great way to deliver this behind the scenes view is to make a small book or pamphlet that starts with how you met, and ends with the Cheap limo rental service that will be taking you to the venue.

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With your partner start diagramming and documenting your romance thus far. Include where you first met, your best dates, fun activities and adventures, and any other noteworthy endeavor you want to share with wedding patrons. Tell the tale of the time you rented the limousine service DC loves, or write a passage about that amazing vacation you spent together.

When writing the story of you and your partner you will want to include as many stories and even drop names of attending wedding guests to make your story and wedding all the more inclusive. Wedding guests will be delighted to have the story available to read while riding in the DC town car service to the wedding.

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Write you book, design a simple cover, and print. Using your home printer or gaining access to a copy machine will make the job of producing your wedding book easy, so easy that you can have it done before the rental of the DC airport car service. This beautiful endeavor is a great way to catch up guests to what they have missed in your relationship and give them a back story as to why this wedding is just so special.

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