How Trees Come in Handy at Your Countryside Wedding

If you are having your wedding on the countryside, or on a piece of partially wooded property that has been in your family for many years—you have the opportunity to work with your landscape. Working with your landscape has many benefits, especially when it comes to reducing the budget.

How Trees Come in Handy at Your Countryside Wedding

Grab Cheap Limo Service and head out to your future wedding venue to have a look around at all the ways you can create the perfect environment as you work with the nature around you.

Trees can be tremendously helpful when it comes to wedding seating and decorations. All you have to do is have a look on Pinterest to see how people have utilized them for their wedding.

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Seating is simplified! If you are trying to DIY, then felling a half dead tree can make for great row seating. It’s a good idea to lift it off the ground. You can even use stumps or chopped wood for the legs of the seat.

Hop in Limo Service Reston VA loves and gather up super sturdy fabric for DIY tree hammocks. Your guests will love the laid-back look and feel of hammock seating.

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Trees are always great to cover with décor. You can lanterns from branches, twirl ribbon around tree trunks, hang signs, or use them to hang backdrops and more.

Consider white holiday lights for majestical tree lighting. The light filters through the leaves quite beautifully during the evening hours.

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If you want your guests to have a great time, like they just took a ride with Reston Limousine Service, consider an old German tradition. A German wedding log sawing custom started long ago is still practiced today. Call us today – (800) 371-1434

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