October Weddings: Why Is It The Best Time To Get Married?

Marking the onset of fall, October weddings come with a cool and crispy weather accompanied by autumnal foliage, comforting recipes, earthy color schemes, availability of cheap limo deals and an endless inspiration for themes. Rustic or casual, formal or modern; October weddings are beautiful in many ways.

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In what ways, you ask? Here is our top 5 picks.

1.      A Sweat-Less Wedding:

The one thing you don’t have to worry about is becoming a hot mess. Luckily, October weddings save us from that. You can wear as heavy a gown as you want and still not feel sweaty due to the chilliness of the weather. Not to mention, no frizzy hair or slipping makeup.

2.      The Outside Looks Gorgeous:

Well, this aspect can’t be neglected. If anything about October is heart-stopping beautiful, it is the way everything looks. The orange in the atmosphere is simply breathtaking.

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3.      You Don’t Have To Worry About The Weather:

Unlike summer weddings, the October weather marks the onset of autumn. Chilly winds at night and the dryness outside makes it impossible to arrange for an open venue event but this is good. When your reception is held indoors, you don’t have to worry about the weather outside.

4.      More Guests Can Visit:

Since October is not the peak wedding season, it is easier to gather more guests. Since they don’t have other weddings to attend, they can easily schedule a trip if coming from abroad.

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5.      Avail Better Deals:

Be it cheap venue booking or cheap limo deals to get everyone to the venue, there are always some brilliant deals up for grabs. Getting the right transportation is one of the key things that can make or break a wedding. Invest in the wrong one and you will have to face the consequences.

Therefore, we suggest you book the best affordable limousine service and make the most of discounted limo service deals. Get free quotes today!

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