Ways to Incorporate Fire into Your Cozy Wedding

Do you plan on grabbing a San Antonio Party Bus for the wedding after party, but still want your wedding ceremony and reception to be comfortable, cozy, and inviting?

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Why not use fire as a catalyst for romanticism, to promote warmth and relaxation?

Before you hop in that San Antonio Wedding Limo, consider creating a great venue environment with the element of fire.

Fire is already used in some culture’s weddings. Stemming from China, comes a wonderful ceremony involving the unity candle. It has been adapted into the U.S. where many couples will select their mothers from each side of the family to light a taper candle, towards the end of the ceremony, the couple will then use these candles to light one larger one—as to unite the family.

San Antonio Wedding Limos

The warmth from the fire has a way of drawing people in around it, promoting socialization. If you love roasting marshmallows over an open fire, why not have a fire pit gently burning during your reception? If you would rather have a few drinks by the fire, amp it up a notch to a bonfire.

Grab a Cheap Limo San Antonio loves and pick up tons of candles. You can use them to create a comfortable ambience in the wedding venue, from centerpieces to lining around the altar or stage; the flicker creates a calming environment.

Are you renting a San Antonio Party Bus Rental for your guest’s transportation? Something else that they will love is a venue with a fireplace.

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