3 Ways to Plan a Wedding Mutually Without Disagreeing

Amidst all the family drama, venue search, Washington DC Sedan service booking, hiring caterers, vendors and photographers, it is very common that opinions clash. As soon as you begin wedding planning, it will put your and your partner’s problems-solving skills to test. With more than two sets of  opinions, ideas and tastes, there are three ways you can avoid conflicts with your partner and make planning the wedding a time to strengthen your relationship.

Communicate and Compromise

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Communication will always remain the most important thread. Fighting on the color of the napkins or which band to hire to play isn’t worth it. Meet your partner half way by compromising on things such as the photographer, the DJ, floweriest etc. Similarly, aim for flexibility when booking a sedan service DC for the guests, picking a food menu or the venue.

Make a List of Priorities

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Always begin with two separate list so priorities –one made by the groom and the other made by the bride. How you can make one? List down all the things that seem most important first, followed by less important and can be done without. You will instantly find that the list of priorities will somewhat be similar, it will involve things like food, Cheap Limousine Rental Prices or Cheap Limo, cake, décor etc. Now take another piece of paper and list down all those that are common and begin sorting them out first. Then move on to the less important stuff and so on.

Make Rules and Stick to Them

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Lastly, there will be many family and friends who will wish to interfere and get their requests fulfilled, many bridesmaids would want to have the option of a plus one, many family members would wish to bring their children or request to ride in a sedan service, many divorced couples would want that their divorcé not be invited etc. As a couple, you need to set some ground rules and stick to them. If you are planning an adults-only party, nephews and nieces won’t be invited either, if you can’t afford allowing everyone to bring a plus one, let that apply on all your bridesmaids and closest friends too.

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