A Guide on How Not to Ruin Your Best Friend’s Wedding

All the best mans out there take note. Unless you wish to be called the Worst Men.

Here is a list of things that you can’t go wrong with as they will ruin the wedding.

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1.     Arriving Late:

Thereis a reason why drinking too much at the bachelor party isn’t always a great idea. There can be nothing worse than waking up with a bad hangover on the day where you have to be your best. If you feel a little too hungover, it is best that you don’t drive. Book one of our cheap limousines to get you to the venue.

2.     Sharing Embarrassing Stories:

Do that you will surely be telling embarrassing stories about your friend’spast that will break out a fight between the couple. Always know how much to drink and avoid drinking a lot as you will have many affairs on your hands to handle. If you feel you have had much and can’t drive back home, book a cheap limousine rental.
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3.     Complaining too much:

So what if the food or the music the bride’s side selected wasn’t; good. So what if the wedding transportation they picked didn’t live up to the expectations. Having opinions is great but shouting them out and making everyone feel bad isn’t a great idea. You can always complain after the reception when heading home in our affordable limousine services.

4.     Forgetting To rent the Getaway Transport:

If you had been assigned the task to book the newlyweds getaway cheap limousine rentals and you forgot, you will be screwed for good. Please don’t forget that very important chore and give the couple’s happiest day a bad end.

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