8 Tips to Make Your Prom Photos Instantly Look Better

Prom is a rite of passage for students in their final year of school. Chances are that you will still have your prom photos 20 years from now.

8 Tips to Make Your Prom Photos Instantly Look Better

It’s a memorable moment, and it’s definitely worth going through the effort to get amazing pictures. Before you hop in a prom designed San Antonio Wedding Limo and hit the road, read these awesome tips to ensure your prom photos look simply fantastic!

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Be confident! Even if you have to fake it. Shyness shows in pictures. When we are a nervous we tend to shrink-in towards our body, drawing in the arms, pulling up the shoulders, and tucking in the chin. This doesn’t look the best in photos, instead try to focus on being relaxed. Anytime someone grabs their phone to snap a photo, shake it out and smile.

Take pictures of different stages. Start snapping when the San Antonio Party Bus pulls up in the driveway and continue while inside the limo, and in front of the school. This way your pictures will tell a story.

San Antonio Party Buses

Do you ever feel awkward while getting your picture taken? Maybe you are unsure of what to do with your hands? Bring along a prop. Be it a single rose or a scarf—get creative.

If you want your photos to be fun, include friends and family!

Blow bubbles with your friends, bubbles make any photo look more fun.

Pose in front of the San Antonio Party Bus Rental and sure to capture some in front of your house.

San Antonio Party Bus

If you want to look simply stunning like a high-end Cheap Limo San Antonio, turn your body to the side a tad. Turning just a little makes the body instantly look slimmer. Call us today –  (800) 371-1434

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