Fantastic Tips for a Highly Photogenic Wedding Photoshoot

Everyone want to look back on their wedding photos thinking about how beautiful the wedding looked, and it will be nice for yourself to be included in that uplifting thought.

Fantastic Tips for a Highly Photogenic Wedding Photoshoot

From taking selfies to your wedding photoshoot, we are going to share with you some of the top tips on how to look amazing in your wedding pictures. It starts with Limo Service Potomac loves and ends with confidence!

Are you a little worried about a double chin popping out during your memorable snapshots? When you see a camera instead of being shy and looking down, call on inner confidence and look up. Looking up will naturally elongate the neck.

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Trying to pinpoint that perfect pose? Consider finding a few pictures that you like of you and your spouse. Pictures that you can actually say, “Hey, I look pretty good!” Can you identify the pattern of why you like these so much? Practice in the mirror to recreate this look.

Want to look good as our Limo service in Potomac does? Consider a little spray-in hair shine. Your hair will look amazing in photos! You can simply make your own by adding a few drops of jojoba or almond oil to water in a spray bottle for a natural shine. This will also control frizz.

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Use your environment, when photos are snapping, can you pose next to the limo or grab a flower to hold? These always make for fun photos to look back on.

If you think that you will find yourself getting tired that evening, even though the photos are still snapping—bring some eye lubricant drops with you. This will make tired eyes look rejuvenated. Want your eyes to look sparkly, like they just saw Affordable Limousine Service?  Call us today –  (800) 371-1434

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