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Whether you are traveling for business or personal reasons, hotels can add up quick. Not only that many hotels are not cracked up to what they’re supposed to be.

Washington DC Sedan Service

Unless you’re staying in 5-star hotels every time, chances are there could be that unsightly stain on the ceiling, odd odors, and you’re still forced to eat out for your meals. Eating out alone without your old friends microwave and stovetop can take your wallet to an ugly place.


Make some friends. If you are traveling alone, it’s easy to approach people at local events, the corner pub, and the like and have a place to stay for the night. Often people are up for a refreshing change and will gladly let you use their stove, shower, and even show you around town if you’re unfamiliar with it. It’s not mooching if each party feels happy with the exchange.

DC Sedan Service

Offer to wash the dishes, entertain them with the story of you and your friends in the DC Limo Bus that night, and most of all be respectable. That seems like a much better deal than $140 you almost spend on that empty room for the night.

Airbnb is another traveler’s favorite. You can even take a Phoenix Party Bus Rental to get there! To get where? Airbnb has discount accommodations all around the world.

Cheap SUV Limo

Grab a Party Limo DC loves or a Sedan Service Washington DC is ecstatic about and go Couchsurfing. A couch and room sharing phenomenon for people of all ages around the world. Call us today – (800) 371-1434

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