Why Booking Cheap Prom Limos Now Will Save You Aggravation Later

Limos and party buses can book up early for prom season.

March 17, 2018 (Washington, DC) – Where not even close to prom season, so why would you even bother looking for cheap prom limos now?

Cheap Limos for Prom

First, you want to make sure your son or daughter and his or her friends are going to be safe of their special night. Prom only happens once a year, except those who go to junior and senior prom with their dates. Because it only happens once a year, you’re going to find a lot of competition, especially for people looking for cheap limo companies.

What does it mean to look for a cheap limo company?

There are many limo companies in DC and the surrounding area. Not all of them are going to offer affordable rates. Some don’t want to be bothered offering cheap prom limos.

Limousine Service DC

We focus on VIP clients, such as business executives, CEOs, politicians, and more. Line other companies are focused on providing the best DC limo service around.

Some smaller, newer companies may be more than willing to be categorized as cheap limo companies, and they might offer the cheapest possible service and selection. They may only have one or two vehicles in their fleet. If you wait too long, they could book up fast. They might not be completely honest with you, though. This is especially true if you book now for prom season which is still six months or more away.


We might tell you that have availability, even though they don’t. Some of the smaller, newer companies have a tendency to overbook to try and maximize profits. That could leave your son or daughter and his or her date and friends waiting for hours with no limo insight.

We’ve been providing transportation services for clients all throughout the Greater DC Metro Area, including for prom night, since 1993. They remain a leader in the industry because of their dedication to safety, comfort, and on-time service.

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